Take a Damn Breath, Dammit.

Fringe has slain me.

It has been SO much harder than I thought it would be to keep up with my writing while operating on 11 at all times here. Wake up. Eat Granola. Walk to theatre#1. Get into costume #1. Flyer for a few hours. Walk to Theatre #1. Grab Props, walk to theatre #2. Frantically flyer for 20 minutes. Perform Show #1. Walk to Theatre #1. Change into Costume #2. Skype Girlfriend briefly while eating sandwich. Flyer for 2-3 hours. Load in. Perform Show #2. Load out. Change into Street Clothes. Mingle, schmooze, mingle, schmooze. Walk home. Skype Girlfriend. Sleep terribly. Repeat process.

There’s not a lot of time for much else, especially if I want to allow my brain decompression time amidst all that chaos. The largest benefit to all the insanity is that we’re already on the final week. Time flew by remarkably fast. I feel like I barely got to see any shows, which is the saddest part. I saw a few amazing things, but missed a lot of shows I really wanted to check out.

This happened. It sold out. Welcome to Fringe.

The final week means less stress and less frantic running about, thankfully, so I hope to actually find some time to write and reflect on the month. Knock wood. For now, enjoy this clip of my friends Kai’s and Tessa’s show, SexyTime! :

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